Monday, January 31, 2005

The Secret Swing

Head down Queen Street, a little west of Spadina, then east on Augusta. Go through the back alley covered with colourful graffiti until you see two buildings with a wrought-iron gate in between and step around the garbage and broken beer bottles. Then sit down, lean back, and detach yourself from your daily burdens.
This is the swing set up in an unsuspecting alleyway in the heart of one of Toronto's best known graffiti galleries, the Queen Street Alleys. The strategically hidden swing's whereabouts leaked when web bloggers (heh) began to post information about this unique urban playpen after Toronto artist Corwyn Lund, working in unison with many other street artists, created it last year.
I was brainstorming ideas for a provincial art contest I was entering through my school when I made a visit to the swing. It was perfect...artsy, urban, provocative, and really made a statement... so I convinced my good friend Jenelle to skip school one day and trek downtown with my tripod and Canon Powershot S1 IS and snapped away while she literally froze her ass off in the chilly November weather. I decided to submit the top one, and it won me the honorable mention prize. whooohooo!

the winning shot

swing 10

swing 9

swing 8

swing 7

swing 6

swing 5

swing 4

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jenelle at secret swing Posted by Hello

union station, toronto Posted by Hello

spring  Posted by Hello

children selling beaded jewellry and wooden snakes, the poverty i saw in that tourist city was just overwhelming... Posted by Hello

Catalina, Mexico Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 30, 2005

aberfoyle 500ml  Posted by Hello

temptation Posted by Hello

chinese restaurant Posted by Hello

a bracelet i bought in Prague, Czech. neat huh? Posted by Hello

vive le quebec Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005

red door Posted by Hello

where do you think you are Posted by Hello

queen w. Posted by Hello

beverly- 'new' victorian houses Posted by Hello

blue ad? Posted by Hello

queen and spadina Posted by Hello

church in the Grange- I used to live in the Stephanie Street apartment backing into the park. I've never seen anyone walk in or out of the tower, nor do I know anything about its history...maybe I should read the tablet outside next time.  Posted by Hello

john street Posted by Hello

aritzia- queen street Posted by Hello